Yay for fun free games

Rambling on about Fun, and The Inner Me 99 months ago.

I'm a freeware games conniseur, not because I don't like commercial games, but because often these community developed games have a lot of flair - even if they do lack the multi-million dollar polish.

I decided about two years ago I was going to stay out of the warez games scene. For me, this has been a positive thing in several ways. First, I know it's the "right thing" to do. Second, I have found this means that I actually put more effort into games I purchase. Third, I probably spend less time playing games in total (however Mel would probably say that I just spend more time playing a smaller repertoire of games).

The current free games I'm playing are Warsow for my first person twitch shooter fix and X-moto to remenisce on all the time I "invested" into elastomania.

On the commercial front, I stick mainly to Company of Heroes - in my opinion one of the best games ever (taking in to account ongoing support from the developer and the great community).

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