A harrowing night

Rambling on about Family, and The Inner Me 94 months ago.

So yesterday, our 9 month old daughter Rebekah was running a bit of a temperature. She was a lot more docile than normal and by dinner time she was refusing food and then her eyes started rolling back in her head and she went all "rubbery".

An ambulance was called, and 15m later a paramedic was explaining a febrile seizure to us.

Because of the prolonged nature of the seizure, he recommended that we go and get checked out at the hospital. They were a bit worried about it too, so kept her overnight. My wife stayed and they both had a pretty sleepless night.

Thankfully, the doctors couldn't find anything drastically wrong ("something viral" which translates to "we don't know why she got so hot") and discharged her this morning. Here's hoping they both get some good rest today.

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Ian said: (94 months ago)

It was great to see her back to her smiley happy self playing very happily with her toys on Saturday morning

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