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Rambling on about Family, and Fun 95 months ago.

My parents-in-law were here last weekend so on the Sunday, we went to Percy Scenic Reserve for a picnic.

So we were sitting down, enjoying a large spread of food when another family came trundling along the path: a mum, her son about 8 years old, daughter about 6 years old and an uncle. Uncle was kicking a large inflatable ball around, obviously belonging to the little girl who was flittering around.

One giant kick later, and the ball was firmly lodged a high overlying tree.

Being the resourceful man, Uncle 'borrowed' the rugby ball from the boy. The very next throw? Two balls in the tree.

Next was a "climb" the tree event, which resulted in a low forking branch nearly breaking and the girl climbing up to help and then falling out of the tree. After the thud we had a quick, "I'm fine... that was fun!" then 20 seconds later a Hollywood, "oow, mummy!".

Five minutes later, the girl had given up on the ball and was off playing in the bushes. Stubborn uncle was still trying - boy and him were both trying in vain throwing rocks to dislodge the balls. Uncle took aim and threw the rock a wee bit harder. A direct hit, and the inflatable ball popped!

Boy goes off to tell sister of the news, who comes back, looks up and begins wailing.

Mum harshly says, "Oh stop your crying, it is only a ball! It's not like anyone got hurt"

Daughter looks up with big, teary eyes. "My heart got hurt..."

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