Eagle vs Shark

Rambling on about Fun 98 months ago.

I was invited to the NZ Film Festival opening movie, Eagle vs Shark. It was a great movie! If you like dead-pan dry humour with a NZ twist.

Discussing the movie afterwards with other cinema-goers, I gave the comment that perhaps it could have done without a bit of the language and the sex scene. The reply, which I agreed with as soon as it was said, was that if it wasn't for that, the movie could have been played by 12 year olds.

It always gets compared to Napolean Dynamite, but using my wife's explanation of that movie, it wasn't as "stupid" (i.e. it actually had a story, and a pretty interesting one at that).

For those that have seen the film, I'm more shark than eagle.

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BAndy said: (96 months ago)

Great movie!

"Come on guys let's make this happen!"

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