Django schema evolution

Rambling on about Django 98 months ago.

I think it's time to share my code for semi-automated Django schema migrations.

Big fat disclaimer: This is alpha quality code, don't cry to me if it breaks in to your house and drinks all your milk.

  • It's based on DbMigration, so if you haven't heard of that you'll want to read that first.

  • Read the first cut of the DbEvolution documentation.

  • Now download DbEvolution v0.1

    • Extract it to a Python visible path,
    • Apply the patch to django/core/,
    • Give me some feedback.

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Comments (3)

Patrick Lauber said: (95 months ago)

hi, is there a google code project for this? I think from a conceptional standpoint this is much better then the dbevolution app. Or do you have an updated version?

:) Chris said: (95 months ago)

Hi Patrick - there is neither a Google code project nor an updated version.
I'm spending my effort focusing on helping out with - I suggest you look there :)

Django Developers said: (68 months ago)

Hey man. Thanks for the work you did on this and for helping with "django-evolution". Area Code's South project seems to have really picked up steam. You might consider moving on over to there.

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