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Rambling on about Family 83 months ago.

Wow. What a night...

10:00pm, Mel's contractions start.

12:30am, arrive at the hospital at but was told there was still a long way to go yet, so back home again. Told to come in again when contractions are lasting 1m and coming on strong.

2:00am, bath time.

2:45am, contractions coming more regularily

3:00am, contractions 3 minutes apart, but still only lasting 30s or so and Mel coping well.

3:05am, probably time to go, contractions getting much stronger. Mel

3:10am, water breaks, midwife called. She says to get in the car, but Mel's feeling a head already! Midwife on the way to our house.

3:11am, I catch Luke Thomas Beaven.

3:30am, midwife arrives but doesn't have a clamp in her case, in classic NZ style the cord is tied with twine while heatpacks are nuked.

3:50am, looking after Mel in bed - Luke getting his first meal

4:20am, midwife arrives back from hospital with clamp and vitamin K jab.

4:30am, sleep.

7:00am, Rebekah (baby mk1, 1.5years) wakes and is introduced to newest member of the family.

9:00am, friend takes Rebekah for the day, parents still in the twilight zone...

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Comments (18)

Nigel said: (83 months ago)

Awesome, congratulations guys! I love the name!

One boy and one girl eh!


:) Chris said: (83 months ago)

Balance is restored ;)

Heather said: (83 months ago)

Wow - ok so that's the way to do it!!! congrats you guys - what a legend mel.
look forward to meeting the wee guyl
Love P, h and k x

Rachel said: (83 months ago)

I guess that saves on petrol, and getting someone to look after Rebekah!!! Congratulations, look forward to meeting him..

Pete said: (83 months ago)

Blimey! That's a good effort...Just as well "Doctor Chris" was in the house! A wonderful delivery by Mel and a stunning catch by Chris! Well done Mel!

Sym said: (83 months ago)

Dude... and you didn't pass out!!!

Well done the both of you.

Carl said: (83 months ago)

You two are inspirational! Fantastic effort! You know there is a shortage of maternity specialists - a bit of moonlighting?

Sheree said: (83 months ago)

Well done. Hope all is well.

Sally said: (83 months ago)

Congratulations you guys - an awesome effort!! one of each is great fun! Look forward to meeting Luke in due course. God Bless :)

Pam said: (83 months ago)

Fantastic news. Rebekah and Luke has a nice ring to it. Great name (think it must have featured on our list). Yay. Hope you get lots of rest today. Very exciting.

Don said: (83 months ago)

Great news, glad you all well. Similar story to Esther and Cadence! Praying for yas.

Rachael vR said: (83 months ago)

What an incredible delivery you guys - what a team you are! I'm now wondering whether all second babies come that fast and whether I need to prep Stu on "catching" our baby 2 in 6 weeks time! Anyway, welcome baby Luke - he'll be the perfect addition to your lovely family :)

jill felix said: (83 months ago)

ohhh my!!! What a night!! Praise the Lord for a little boy.

Sue said: (83 months ago)

Awesome news. So pleased Chris can catch.

Katie & Steve said: (83 months ago) brave, brave people! Well done xx

Matt said: (83 months ago)

Chris & Mel and family Congratulations
"Chris" Have your ever thought of being midwife? or a cricket player?

Lester said: (83 months ago)

Excellent job Mel, no messing around there... Funny the second child always seems to wanna get born at home... :-)

Caroll said: (83 months ago)

Brilliant job you guys! There's something pretty cool about having baby at home. No banging hospital kitchens and climbing into your own bed. Aah...

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