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Rambling on about Django 100 months ago.

So, not happy with wasting time on a personal site no-one will probably read, I thought I'd invest some more time to set up a section where I can talk to myself.

I did get to play with Django feeds and that was an area I've been meaning to look at. Heh, 12 minutes and I have feeds for free - go go Django magic! (10 minutes to read how to implement, 2 minutes to implement)

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Nigel Irwin said: (99 months ago)

Upon a dark and rainy Friday afternoon, one ex-Wellingtonian went-a-searching.... a-searching for memoirs and reminders of home. In his web-travels, he came across and thought he'd see what Mr. Beaven was up to.
Anyway, enough pseudo-poetic dribble... how are ya? How is Mel? How is Rebekah Grace? Suzanna and I are blending into Auckland life reasonably well... still will never classifiy ourselves as Aucklanders though!

:) Chris said: (99 months ago)

Well Nige, my family and I are all doing well - I wouldn't mind a bit more work however. Nice to hear from you - where did your blog go?

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