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Last night while I was out with friends for dinner, Nigel mentioned a new site he came across:, an NZ based VOIP startup.

You can either join the free plan or a paid plan ($15 - $30 per month) depending on how many outgoing minutes you want. You are provided with 028 number (and a regional one if you choose a paid plan).

Outgoing calls cost 5c for NZ national calls, 25c for NZ mobile, and the normal cheap rates for international calls.

Incoming calls are charged at mobile rates to your 028 or normal national/local rate for a regional number. and it rings on your software phone or SIP hardware phone if you have one. You can have incoming calls simultaneously ring (or redirect to) any NZ number, but you have to pay your outgoing call rate for it.

In summary, nothing too revolutionary going on, but it's always good to have some more competition in the New Zealand telecommunications market and I look forwards to see whether 2talk picks up much steam.

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mal said: (98 months ago)

Quite a lot of other features set it apart from the rest.
- It can be used on the dual-mode WiFi/GSM Nokia phones
- Free conference call server
- It can simultaneously ring multiple phones (home,work,mobile) "Follow me"
- Gives NZers living overseas local NZ phone numbers
- Mobile callback reduces mobile calls to 25cents/min
- Free divert to overseas GSM SIM gets rid of roaming charges
- All calls are recorded and can be replayed/emailed for up to 6 months (this can be disabled)

A huge list of features!

:) Chris said: (98 months ago)

Yea, there are benefits. Clarifying: none of those features strike me as "revolutionary" compared to Skype, etc. Compared to classic PSTN services, 2talk is amazing. Some of those features are rather nice, and they do have more local numbers available than Skype. I'm not ruling out using this service or something similar soon.

And pfft - an 028 number isn't a "free" conference call server.

I hear Telecom has to offer 'net separate from phone lines by October, that'll be great news for NZ VOIP companies...

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